The Halfway Point – November 2016

All the Ugly and Wonderful things
Bryn Greenwood

Crooked Kingdom
Leigh Bardugo

Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

No spoilers below! 🙂

ALAS, dear reader. Was it but a week ago, when I found myself in woe – stress, stress, stressing about nothing to read? (Say ‘nevermore’)

And now, here I am, just about halfway through 3 of the best books I’ve encountered in a while.

#bookwormlife #firstworldproblems #booknerdproblems

So instead of steamrolling through each one to provide you, dear reader, with a review, I’ve decided to release all of my pent up tension into a half-way update. Too often do I read reviews that say, “wait until the end, it’ll be worth it”, and to me, that just isn’t good enough. The journey is so important. A good ending alone doesn’t quite do it for me.

And with that said, welcome to the Half Way Point.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

This has been on my TBR since the moment it appeared on Goodreads. I pretty much stalked my local Dymocks and Kinokuniya bi-weekly for the last 3 months in search for this with no luck – eventually resorting to my beautiful, “well loved” 5 year old kindle (I really don’t like e-books unless I’m super desperate – which in this case I was).

Straight up – it’s a book about a 20-something year old falling in love with a 13 year old. And before you start yelling, ‘Y’ALL NEED JESUS – PEDO POLICE ON THE WAY’ – I’ll admit that it takes an open mind to get into it. If you don’t think you can read this, then don’t.

So far, it’s pretty loyal to the back blurb. Unconventional guy falls in love with unconventional girl and they have a beautiful, but strained relationship. Honestly, there isn’t much more I can say than that in terms of plot.

However, this by no means is a plot driven book. I’ve happily come this far without much development – and it is definitely a refreshing change to my usual fire breathing, mighty morphin’, dragon rider superhero, charging through a thousand man army at a time (can I trademark this idea?). I can’t really describe what it is about this book that is making me enjoy it so far. Perhaps the inevitable downfall of our star crossed lovers? Or more likely, the fact that it is just lovely. If you’ve done any research on  this book at all, you’ll know the issue at the centre of the novel is pretty controversial, and despite that, it seems as if that issue doesn’t exist at all. Despite the plot stasis, it by no means fails to create tension and it’s so easy to find yourself worrying about our main characters. It’s just a lovely, pure (maybe), love story.

POST: Just found this on Bryn Greenwood’s Goodreads page, which I think is the most beautiful and perfect summary of All the Ugly and Wonderful things;

…I firmly maintain that Kellen is not a pedophile (nor an ephebophile), but he has the misfortune of falling for the right girl at the wrong time. From Wavy’s perspective, he falls for her at the perfect time: when she desperately needs him. Life’s funny that way. My intention in writing the book was not to titillate, but to tell a story about love and perseverance that reflects parts of American life that don’t often get seen beyond headlines.

Crooked Kingdom – Six of Crows #2

No mourners, no funerals.


The Six of Crows series is probably my most recommended series this year. Like the first book, Crooked Kingdom is action packed, mind bending, Grisha goodness that is so, so, so hard to put down.

Admittedly, I’ve been taking my sweet time with this one because I know I’m going to be utterly shattered once this ends. I’ve had this sitting on my shelf for a number of weeks for this very reason. I’m not going to go into any plot points as this is the second and final book of the series, but I will say that Crooked Kingdom has definitely taken the torch and is fucking bolting into supreme badassery.



I picked this up only 2 days ago on a whim, seeing everyone go nuts over the sequel and I am damn proud I did.

I started this today and have unwillingly stopped half way, otherwise I’d definitely sleep through my alarm and not make it to work tomorrow.

Gawsh, talk about unexpected. The back blurb for this does not do it justice. This is not some Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime crap. This is The Martian meets Star Wars meets The 5th Wave CRAZY. UGH. BE STILL, MINE BEATING HEART.

Based off the blurb and the style (entire novel is a collection of emails, military statements, IMs, reports, etc) I really didn’t think I’d like this.  Like I said above, I picked this up only because of the hype and damn, the internet is not wrong on this one! I went ahead and called up my boyfriend to explain the plot until I was well out of breath even though I knew he didn’t care one bit (poor thing is sick right now). But I couldn’t keep it in!!!

I’m scared to say anything more about Illuminae because I reaaaaally don’t want to ruin anything. All I can say is if you’re even remotely into sci-fi, do yourself an enormous favour and pick this one up. My feelings basically surmise to the following;


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