Saga Comic Review

Written by Brian K Vaughan
Illustrated by Fiona Staples

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NOTE: This series is not yet complete – this review is based on my impressions of chapters 1 – 40.

This series in two words?


I really needed something to bump me out of the post-December book slump and I am SO happy I picked up Saga.

The best way for me to explain this series is Game of Thrones crossed with Star Wars on a cocktail of hallucinogenic drugs. Saga is a glorious, quirky, emotional rollercoaster of a comic that I seriously cannot praise enough. 

When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe.

Saga is definitely not a children’s comic. Besides the sex, murdering, and drug use, the themes Saga focuses on are very real – albeit masked by the quirky artstyle and chips of dry humor.


Saga is incredibly fast paced, progressing about 5-6 years within 40 chapters – I read all 40 in about a day and a bit. It takes place in the midst of a galactic war between two superpowers lead by the races of our two main characters, Marko and Alana. The two have a Romeo and Juliet style romance, where their love is forbidden thanks to the war. Our star-crossed lovers are runaway soldiers from their respective armies, who in the midst of the crossfire, get married and have a lovechild. The war is so heated that in volume one, the moment Alana has given birth to their daughter Hazel, the military bursts through the side of their ship and attempts to capture the half-breed child.

The Starwars-esque characters are very well deveoped, and you really find yourself getting attached to each one… which is unfortunate because so many of them come to some kind of blunt, tragic demise. Throughout the series, you get a glimpse of each character’s story and relationships, which helps to understand all the different races and their motives and alliances in the war.

OKAY! Formalities aside, let’s talk about how freaking weird and fantastic some of the races are


images-1images (2).jpg


Fiona Staples, you are a straight up G. I love love love the way each race is so individual and has so much character. And Mr Vaughan, what a fucking massive story. Like I said, can’t praise it enough. Go read it. NOW.

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