The Halfway Point: April 2017

The end of April is quickly approaching and I’ve finished a big stinkin’ total of 0 books in the last month.



RIP Patooty – the first casualty of the great reading slump of 2017. What’s it even like to finish a book? I couldn’t tell you. That being said, I started reading a ridiculous number of books in the last month, so hopefully I’ll finish something eventually.

Red Rising15839976
Pierce Brown

I’m SO upset that this book isn’t turning out how I wanted it to. I had really, really high expectations based on the ratings and reviews (it was mentioned on the CoOptional podcast!) and it’s fallen flat. I kept reading reviews saying it would get better after the 100ish page, and at about 250 pages in and it’s still not great. I could tell that certain parts of the story were meant to be really emotional, or surprising and I just wasn’t feeling it at all.

The premise is certainly interesting, but it pulls from some standard dystopian-YA tropes, namely the social structure from Divergent. The writing good at some points, and really weird at others and isn’t very impactful at all.

…I hate myself for it. I think I’m crying, because my vision is unclear.

I’m not far from the end, so I think I’ll finish it tomorrow… but ugh. This is like Special Snowflake the book. This-is-the-first-time-I’ve-held-a-gun-but-I’ll-take-out-an-entire-army.

The Lake  6035141
Banana Yoshimoto

This is my first Banana Yoshimoto book after being on my TBR for about a year now!

Banana Yoshimoto does a fabulous job of creating atmosphere and feel-y personalities, incredibly reminiscent of Murakami.

The sky was incredibly far away, and beautiful enough to make a person wonder why our hearts are never so free.

The Lake isn’t really a plot driven book – though there is one, the more interesting parts are most definitely the characters. The main characters look quite flat and ordinary on the outside, but you can’t help but develop a deep empathy for these people.

Banana Yoshimoto also writes the way that Murakami does about sex; might be a cultural thing I don’t understand. I find both write sex in a way that is less sensual and emotional, and more of a necessity, like eating, or breathing.

Weird, melancholy and beautiful – quite enjoying this one so far. If you’re going to dig into The Lake , definitely make sure you’re in the right mood for something a little more stagnant.

The Hero of Ages9780575089938
Brandon Sanderson

I feel like I’ve been putting this one off for ages (wink wink)! Straight after I finished The Well of Ascension, I ruined a pretty major part of this book for me so I’ve been trying to get over that emotional damage 😦

I’ve found that so far, both The Well of Ascension and the Hero of Ages both lack the breakneck speed that The Final Empire had. This doesn’t in any way make it less enjoyable, and I still have super high hopes for the end of this series! I recommend it to anyone who asks me what they should read next.

1984  cover
George Orwell

I got to stick my nose into this one during a 3 hour long hair appointment and I’m really liking it so far! Another box checked for my yearly reading goal – read more classics.

1984 is a straight up mind fuck. One of the concepts I was really struck by was revisionist history. The main characters job is to go through books, magazines, flyers, etc erasing people and events out of history and replacing them with something completely different

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.

Definitely has those dystopian sci-fi feels with very strong social commentary. I’m not well versed in the art of politics, so I don’t think I’ll comment on the issues in 1984, but definitely lives up to the hype so far and will really get you thinking.

QOTD: How do you read when you know you want to, but can’t concentrate in the slightest? HELP!!

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