ACOWAR Release Event Sydney #ACOWARSYD

So I’m on my way home from the ACOWAR release event at the Dymocks flagship store in Sydney! I know I’ve said previously that I didn’t love ACOMAF, but I’m prepared to see this series through since I really loved ACOTAR. Plus the event was down the road from work so why not 👍

The event was very cute ♡. There was a ACOMAF trivia game  and a cosplay competition. There was also a ship challenge which was pretty hilarious, one brave girl got up on stage and argued why Tamlin wasn’t a tool just a #misguidedfool which I completely agree with!

2017-05-02 06.59.40 1.jpg


Also I completely freaked out because @littlebookowl was at the event too! So I definitely had to grab a picture before I left (excuse my exhausted face – had a very stressful day at the office 😋) (also Cat sorry you had to bend down like that, I’m very short) Definitely check out her YouTube channel because she’s got some great bookish videos! I actually read my first Brandon Sanderson novel because of her reviews, who is now my favourite author 💕

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