Sydney Writers Festival: All Day YA

I’m back from Japan!

I actually got back this time last week and it’s taken me this long to get back into the flow of work and all that 😦 But Japan was fantastic!!! We’re planning to go back again next year :3

So today marks the final day of Sydney Writers Festival and I had the immense pleasure of attending the All Day YA event in Parramatta yesterday! I’ll admit, I missed out on a few panels in the morning thanks to a hangover I couldn’t shake, but what I did manage attend was so, so, so good!

I was most looking forward to seeing Amie Kaufman who did not disappoint. She’s such a beautiful and well spoken individual – and so intelligent! She was saying at the beginning of the Defying Expectations panel that she had a number of university degrees in a number of fields outside of literature! Herself, Mariko Tamaki and J. C. Burke gave some fantastic insight into what it means to be a female writer, depicting female characters and female relationships in their novels, and the general representation of diverse characters. Defying expectations was definitely my favourite panel of the whole day!

Second to that was the TeenCon panel which has most definitely excited me for this year’s upcoming YA releases. I’d recommend keeping an eye out for;


One of us is Lying
Karen McManus


I am SOOOOO excited for this one. Basically, 5 friends stuck in a room, one leaves to get a drink and is dies. One of the other 4 did it, but who? The publicist for Penguin teen sold it as, ‘imagine the Breakfast Club with murder’ and I was like YAAASSS GIVE IT TO ME.


Diving Eden
Joelle Charbonneau


Not going to lie – this one sounds a little bit like Red Queen. I hated Red Queen. BUT, the lovely lady at HarperTeen did such a fabulous job at selling this one to me that I think I may have to give it a go! You know the twins from the ADSOM series? This is their story, but instead of working together like they did in A Darker Shade of Magic, they fight each other for the right to wear the crown.

The Things We Promise
J. C. Burke


A coming of age story set in the early 90s – I think this one’s set in Australia. What hooked me to this was the premise that one of the youths in this story is impacted by aids at an early age. I’ve heard there’s a little bit of homophobia in this one, however I think that the inclusion of homophobia is kind of necessary to realistically depict the culture at the time.

They were also handing out some free books at the event and I grabbed these 3, which I’m really looking forward to – especially When It’s Real! Overall a fantastic day and I’ll definitely be attending next year ❤

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