CROSSROADS | September 2017

Welcoming Spring with a new and improved theme 🙂

September is always my busiest month, but so far it has been exceptionally crazy.

Sydney welcomed the first month of spring with some crazy weather. We went from 17C degrees, to 28C and back to 17C in 3 days. That one random hot day resulted in bushfires all around my house which set my allergies on fire 😦

September is also a month full of birthdays (including my own!) which means I’ve been going out a bunch.. and which also means I’ve been spending a lot. I was starting to get scared that I wouldn’t have anything left for my birthday book haul, but my boyfriend has told me that he’ll be taking me for a splurge day at the Kinokuniya in the city! Thanks honey 😉

And just to add to my busy-ness, September also marks my company’s end of financial year, and work has really started to ramp up. The day of EOFY is actually my birthday, which means I’ll be spending my 24th at my desk 😦 The month wraps itself up nicely as we have a long weekend from the 30th of September – and I’m going on a girls’ trip up to the Central Coast!

Despite my crazy schedule, I’ve been fortunate enough to get quite a bit of reading in so far this month. Audible had a best of sale, which I went a little crazy on – read about it here. I’m also back on the Sanderson train, doing a buddy read of the Stormlight Archives with a workmate. Here’s what else I’ve been into this month;

Books I read in September

Homegoing Yaa Gyasi

I’d waited months to read this one. For some reason, all my local bookshops only had the large print paperbacks which were ridiculously more expensive ($30 AUD!) than the standard sized paperback I ended up buying.

Homegoing is the story of two sisters in South Africa during the beginning of the European invasion and goes on to their children, and their children’s children, and their children’s children’s children, etc. It is told in the format of short stories from the perspective of the each generation. Some of the stories were really heartbreaking, and unfortunately some were a little bit boring. While I can appreciate the idea of the story flowing up the branches of the family tree, this format was also very jarring. I found myself wanting to keep following certain characters, and felt that some characters didn’t really contribute to the overarching story.

Way of Kings Part 1 Brandon Sanderson

I’m still in the middle of this one and really loving it so far. Can Sanderson do any wrong?

Despite how much I adored the Mistborn series, The Stormlight Archives was still very intimidating to me. The books are so big the publisher decided to split each book in two! I’m about 50 pages away from finishing The Way of Kings part 1 and I’ve found that there was no reason to be intimidated at all. Sanderson’s writing is so easy to read, and you don’t realise that you’ve been sucked right in until you find yourself at the end of the book.

I’m not even going to try to describe the story. Sanderson’s books are always so many things in one – in a good way.

Audiobooks I listened to in September

The Kiss of Deception Mary E Pearson

My local library’s audiobook range isn’t great, so when I saw a title I actually recognised, I borrowed it straight away.

The Kiss of Deception seems to be a hit or miss with a lot of people and unfortunately I’m going with the latter. Mary E Pearson writes beautifully, but this  really suffered from some bad tropes that I tend to find in so many YA fantasy novels.

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams

A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking

Like I mentioned above, I got these two titles in the Best of Audible sale, which you can read about here.

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