CROSSROADS | October 2017

This is gonna be a big ol’ post. Grab a glass of wine or  your drink of preference 😉


I’ve had a pretty crazy month. I turned 24, I had my company’s end of financial year and I got lost in the bush with my best friends and stopped to take a bunch of embarrassing photos. In spite of how busy its been, I’m happy to say that I’ve got a lot more reading and listening in the past month than I expected! 🙂 The posts and reviews have slowed in the last week, but now that I’m back I promise things will be a little more consistent around here 🙂

In addition to all that I’ve been trying to broaden my intake by taking up some podcasts, and reading more online articles, which I’ll also be including in this post, and hopefully future posts if I can keep it up!

Farenheit 451 | Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury - Farenheit 451Another check on my SFF TBR Masterlist! I listened to this one on audiobook and it was… well, interesting.

Guy Montag lives in a time where firemen don’t extinguish fires – they start them. Books are illegal in this world and it is Guy’s job to burn them all. One day Guy meets a mysterious young girl who seems to be a lot more mature and intelligent than others her age, and his age for that matter. She hits Guy with all the hard questions and he starts to realise just how unhappy he is with his life, with his pill popping wife and with destroying books. In a fit of madness Guy decides that he’s had enough and starts to stash books in his house…

If this book was going for ‘uncomfortable’ then it definitely hit the mark. I can understand the message that this book was trying to get at, but I think that the way it was done was really, really strange. There were a few times where Guy would have a realisation and say the same words over and over again like he was in a trance, and listening to that through audiobook was incredibly weird and uncomfortable – but I suppose that was the point?

Way of Kings | Brandon Sanderson



How do I even start to describe this  book? There are about a million things going on at once but at the end everything matches up and its beautiful. I blabbed on to all my workmates the day after I finished it and the poor things had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

I won’t give away anything about the plot because we’ll be here for years, but what I will say is… read this bookWay of Kings is quality and will not be a waste of time. If/when I can get my thoughts together, I will try to post a review. I’ve already started Words of Radiance, trying to finish it before Oathbringer comes out in a month from now! 😀

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue | Mackenzi Lee

The Gentlemens Guide to Vice and Virtue Mackenzi Lee

If fabulous had a physical form, it would be this book. TGGVV is a very strong contender for one of my favourite books this year!

This book seemed to burst out from nowhere! I didn’t see it on any TBRs or book release lists and BAM. It blew everyone away. I’d like to make a special mention to the audiobook which was bloody fantastic. There isn’t a paperback edition for TGGVV out in Australia yet, so I grabbed the Audible version of it and GOODNESS. THE NARRATOR IS GOODNESS. The way Christian Coulson voices all the characters and the different accents was absolutely delicious and I can’t recommend it enough. I did a full gush review here.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo | Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins ReidAnother fantastic audiobook that I was so hooked to I did all 10 hours in one day!

Evelyn Hugo is one of Hollywood’s sexiest. Skyrocketing to fame in her teen years, she’s a name, face, and pair of boobs known by all. She’s lived the life, married seven different men and is now ready to tell her story to the world – but only to one journalist, Monique Grant. Monique is a fluff writer, average life, less than average love life. When Evelyn calls her out to write her biography, Monique is thrilled but can’t help but wonder, why her?

This isn’t the kind of book I’d usually reach for but after seeing SquibblesReads talk about it on her channel (if you haven’t checked her out yet, you totally should. She’s got fab taste) I had to pick it up and phew. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo did somersaults over my expectations! Full review coming soon 🙂


I’m in an awkward place where I’ve literally just finished all those books and I’m in a slight hangover, so my currently reading will be a mashup of this month’s TBR 🙂

I’ve finally figured out how to hook up my Kobo to Overdrive and I’ve found soooo many good ebooks at my local library!

Words of Radiance | Brandon Sanderson

The Best we Could do | Thi Bui

Alloy of Law | Brandon Sanderson

You | Caroline Kepnes

The Fifth Season | N K Jemisin

The Shadow of What Was Lost | James Islington

And finally, below is a collection of articles and podcasts I enjoyed this month. Hit the bold titles for links to the original articles 🙂


V.E. Schwab announces she’s starting a new series in the world of the Shades of Magic world. I’ve only read ADSoM and Vicious, but I’m keen to continue on with her works. I’m almost convinced that I’m always in a bad mood when I’m reading her books

Kazuo Ishiguro wins the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature 2017. Absolutely well deserved. I’ve read two of his books, The Remains of the Day and Buried Giant, and Ishiguro is a deep and thoughtful writer. After this announcement, I’m looking forward to picking up Never Let Me Go. My personal bet for the prize was of course Haruki Murakami, but oh well. There’s always next year 🙂

Young people can learn from dark stories too. Something that I’ve found a little bit odd in the YA community is that there are trigger warnings for everything. I’ve always wondered about the necessity of these triggers… are we making the youth too sensitive? If you find a ‘trigger’ in a book, wouldn’t you just put it down, forget it and move on? Dunno, this is a topic for a different blog,  but I’d love to hear your views on this topic!


#597 One Last Thing Before I go | This American Life

A lone phonebooth sits atop a small, desolate hill in a coastal Japanese town. The phone isn’t connected to anything, its line doesn’t go anywhere, yet it attracts visitors all the time. Visitors enter the phone booth, dial a number and begin to speak to the loved ones they had lost in the tsunami that devastated the area 6 years ago.
In this episode of This American Life, you hear what the visitors say into the phone. You listen to their stories and you can’t help be incredibly touched by their sentiments. A beautiful, moving episode that you should not miss.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Ending this huge post the right way! This is a podcast about some dude and a few of his mates, reading an erotic novel that his 75 year old father wrote. It is as hilarious as it sounds. Can’t believe I didn’t find this one earlier.


If you’ve stuck with me all the way to the end, thank you thank you thank you!! I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading this month, and what you’re looking forward to reading! I’m also kind of obsessed with podcasts again, so please shoot me some of your favourites!

Until next time,


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