CROSSROADS | November 2017

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By my introverted standards, November has been a pretty social month. I’ve been to a whole lot of events these past few weeks and I thought I wouldn’t have been able to get any reading in – but I was mistaken. I was actually surprised to have completed my yearly Goodreads challenge! 🙂 And in good time since Christmas is quickly approaching and I’ll have even less time to read next month.

I got an invite to the Dymocks Gold VIP night last Thursday, and if I wasn’t already broke enough, I certainly am now. There’s also a book fair happening next weekend at a local high school… RIP my wallet. The books I picked up were:

History is All You Left Me | Adam Silvera
They Both Die At The End | Adam Silvera

Pachinko | Min Jin Lee
The Sellout | Paul Beatty
Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
On The Road | Jack Kerouac
The Sherlock Holmes Collection | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I actually didn’t buy Oathbringer despite it releasing the day before for the sole, stupid reason that it isn’t the same size as all the other Sanderson books in my collection. I think I’m going to wait for the split Gollancz version before buying the physical copy… it’ll probably take me this long to finish words of radiance anyway :(((((

Wrap up

Alloy of Law - Brandon SandersonAlloy of Law | Brandon Sanderson

The fourth book in Sanderson’s Mistborn series takes place hundreds of years after the first trilogy. While it isn’t necessary to have read the first three books, I would really, really recommend you do so or there will be a bunch of references missed.

While it’s an okay book, I don’t think that Alloy of Law is Sanderson’s best. Personally, I don’t like reading through fight scenes and this book seemed to be full of them. Mediocre, but still enjoyable, with an ending that has ensured that I will read the next in the series.

Stephen Fry - Mythos

Mythos | Stephen Fry

What an absolute pleasure of a book. I won’t speak too much to this as I’ve done a full review already – which you can read by clicking here. Stephen Fry has to be one of the most charming and funny guys out there, and having him read me a stories from Greek mythology is like a dream come true.


Moonstone - SjonMoonstone: The Boy Who Never Was | Sjon

I don’t often reach for shorter books because I’m all about world building and character development. Earlier in the month I was still at the end of my slump and just needed a book snack. And wow. Incredibly atmospheric and heartbreaking.

I won’t speak to the plot too much as the book is more of an atmospheric experience than anything. Just know that the book opens with head. Yes, head.

Every Heart a Doorway - Seanan McguireEvery Heart a Doorway | Seanan McGuire

I am so, so sad to announce that I really didn’t like Every Heart A Doorway. I’ve been waiting MONTHS for this to come out in paperback here in Australia and eventually caved and bought the e-book. I was so sure that I would love this and you wouldn’t believe the disappointment when I found that I didn’t. My feelings are a little complex, so I should have a full review up for Every Heart A Doorway soon.



Currently Reading

My Lovely Wife - Mark LukachMy Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward | Mark Lukach

This book is beautiful and it is killing me. I was hooked from the very start and read about half of it in one sitting, and have since been too scared to go back because I honestly feel like I’m not emotionally prepared.

My Lovely Wife is a true story about the author and his wife, and her incredibly sudden descent into psychosis. This one really hits home for me because my father has also suffered from psychosis, but its very interesting to see the disease from the perspective of the significant other. I really respect that Lukach wrote this as a lot of people don’t recognise the level of dedication that goes into supporting someone with a mental disease such as psychosis. Very excited to do a full review… if I can get through the book.

Words of Radiance pt 1 - Brandon SandersonWords of Radiance pt. 1 | Brandon Sanderson

Still. Yes I know.

Yeah, I know. It’s been like a month. It isn’t that I’m not enjoying it! I think I’m just feeling shorter stories at the moment, and am still on a bit of a fantasy cleanse.



We Are Legion - Dennis E TaylorWe Are Legion (We Are Bob) | Dennis E Taylor

The ever wonderful TotalBiscuit mentioned We Are Legion during a recent episode of the Co-Optional Podcast and of course I love TB so I grabbed it on Audible. I was planning to get through a bit of it while I was getting my eyelash extensions last week… and unfortunately fell asleep during the procedure 😦



Surprisingly I haven’t listened to any podcasts this month… as a result of a new and very weird obsession with ASMR. ASMR is basically white noise of all different varieties (look it up on YouTube – heads up, it’s very weird). I’m usually one to fall asleep to podcasts, which some say isn’t too good for you as it doesn’t let you fall into deep sleep. Since listening to ASMR at bedtime, I’m pretty much falling asleep within the first 5 minutes and having the best sleep I’ve had in ages.

Other than that, I saw one of my local heroes Will Singe play in concert a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with his music ever since. Boy got some real talent ❤

I need recommendations on how to organise my bookshelves! They’ve been in rainbow mode for a while now but it’s starting to kill me that I’ve had to separate books in series. What’s your favourite way to organise your bookshelves?

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