BOOKISH | How To Develop A Reading Habit pt. 1

Picking up reading was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. Not only does it serve a sense of accomplishment, but I also find I am more attentive when it comes to work, and more relaxed because of reading at the end of the day. If you’re thinking of taking your reading a bit more seriously this year, here is my part one of a series on how to develop a reading habit 🙂


Be real with yourself | New year always awakens motivation in me. When jotting down potential resolutions for the year, I find that I always get a bit too excited and leave myself with a heavy set of tasks until I eventually drop them some weeks later. While it would be amazing to get like Tai Lopez and read a book a day, I know that with my lifestyle this just isn’t attainable. This is when you need to think about you. If you’re already a reader and you’re trying to set your goals for the new year, look back at how you did last year. Think about whether it was easy, or if it was a bit of a struggle. Maybe you were like me and cheated a little bit? (each chapter of a comic is a different BOOK okay) Now think about how the rest of your year will look. Have you started, or are looking for a new job? Are you in your last year of university? Are you starting a family? Is there anything in life that will mean more or less time to read? Set a realistic goal and plan out the practical steps that will take you there. eg. I will read 52 books this year, which is one book a week. I will read an hour every alternate day, and catch up on the weekends when I can.

BOOM. Success.

It’s okay to move the goalposts | I see people across book blogs and booktube and bookstagram hating on themselves so hard because they’re not reading as much as they want to and I’m here to tell you that it is okay! Shit happens! Sometimes things come up and you just can’t read. Or sometimes you find that you’re just not feeling it. In either circumstance, it. is. okay. to. not. be. reading. I’m not giving you the green light to be lazy either ;). One of the keys to successfully developing a habit is actually enjoying it. Therefore, if you find at that certain point in time that you don’t, then that’s when you’re the most likely to give it up. On that same note, if you find yourself stuck in this kind of mood for an extended length of time, then lower your goal to something more manageable. There is nothing wrong with decreasing or not hitting your reading goal. When the new year rolls around, assess how you went, why you produced that outcome and then think of a reasonable, attainable goal for next year.


Get amongst it | The feature of my bedroom is not my faux quilted leather king sized bed with baby’s butt soft pillows and a hand knitted throw. The feature of my bedroom is my bookshelf. Other than having a sexy rainbow in my room, one of the greatest things about having a bookshelf is the nostalgia boner. Think about looking through old photos and remembering what a great time you had in Paris, or that time you had Christmas lunch at blah’s house and you haven’t seen them in months so maybe you give them a call. Oddly, I find that I have that same feeling with books. Looking at The Six of Crows and thinking about that ship that never sailed, or The Final Empire and flying through the clouds at the drop of a coin, or A Court of Thorns and Roses and thinking wow Feyre, you’re such a fucking idiot.  Surrounding yourself with books will make you more enthusiastic about them!

Get even more amongst it | Make yourself a part of the community. This one is definitely my favourite, and what got me well and truly obsessed with books. In real life, I know a whopping total of 3 people who read books on the regular. Once I got the ball rolling on my reading obsession, I found that I had no one to obsess with about the books I loved and hated and I so badly just wanted to talk to SOMEONE. Then I found bookstagram and booktube and book blogs and the holy grail – Goodreads. Getting in on the discussion will improve your experience drastically. To get you started, here are some of my favourites:

The Poptimist | Best for adult fiction
I’ve gushed about this channel before. The Poptimist is incredibly well spoken and speaks about what he reads so passionately that I definitely must get in on what he’s reading.

Squibbles Reads | Best all rounder
A lot of my favourite books this year have come from Joc’s recommendations! She’s got some fantastic videos and great taste in books. She’s also not afraid to talk about problematic things in books, or in the booktube community which makes me love her even more!

Emmmabooks | Best for YA

I think Emma is doing a really great job in pushing diversity into the YA booktube community! I especially love that she does videos focusing on dealing with mental health, while also giving book recommendations that pertain to those issues. Her videos are super fun and you should definitely check her out 🙂

What do you find helps you to read better, or stick to your reading goals? Leave me a comment below!

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