CROSSROADS | January 2018

January Crossroads
Welcome to the first Crossroads of 2018! 😀

I didn’t put a Crossroads up for December because I actually wasn’t reading anything, and secondly because my brain was completely shut off for about a month. That being said, I’m not 100% sure that one will go up for February since I’ll be in California for a month for work! Dat14hourflightdoe ;_; I’m trying to schedule as many posts as I can before I leave but it’s proving to be pretty hard already… wish me luck!

It’s been insanely hot all across Australia for the last couple of days – yesterday was 40C (104F) and I thought I was going to die! Today’s fortunately a little bit cooler, but my aircon unit is getting the workout of it’s life.

Wrap up

January has been surprisingly productive on the reading front for me! I’ve been on holidays for a few weeks so a lot of my reading has been done via audiobook while gaming or cleaning or whatever other holiday-ish things 🙂 I’ve also been SUPER good this month with posting reviews woooo! Thankfully everything I’ve read over the past month has been really good – hoping to keep up the streak!

Click the titles to head to my reviews 🙂

The Heart’s Invisible Furies | John Boyne

This book absolutely destroyed me. I listened to this one on audiobook over a couple of days and I did find myself having to stop a few times because it was so intense. I really loved this one!! It slid in right at the end of December and made it to my favourites list of 2017.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine | Gail Honeyman

The biggest surprise in a book yet! I would go into this book without any reservations – just let yourself be taken away by the story and the characters. I held off reading this one for so long because the blurb didn’t sound too appealing, then ended up reading it in two days because I was so hooked.

I Can’t Make This Up | Kevin Hart

I saw Jumanji the following week and Kevin Hart absolutely made that movie. Kevin Hart is undeniably my favourite comedian at the moment! If you’re down for a lighthearted, funny book then definitely hit this one up. It’s about a million times better as an audiobook though! ^^;

When Breath Becomes Air | Paul Kalanithi

The hype on this book was so real, but so completely deserving of it. While you’d think that a memoir about a neurosurgeon dying would send you into a spiralling depression, it was actually incredibly uplifting. (I did totally cry at the end though) Read this one in a single sitting – good if you need something to inspire you to keep going.

Currently Reading

The Fifth Season | N.K. Jemisin

Yes. This is still happening. Happy to say that I’m finally into the story LOL. That beginning was harsh – super confusing. I’m about 20% in and starting to enjoy it now! Let’s hope I can get this done within the next week or so!! #fighting

Night Swimming | Steph Bowe

#LOVEOZYA !! This one’s a real surprise to me because I don’t really read Australian fiction and YA contemporaries and I have had a bad relationship. But this one is awesome! It’s so incredibly cute and I love that it doesn’t try so hard to be teenage-quirky with all the references to like… Snapchat and Insta and all that stuff. Feels a lot more natural to me! Just over half way with this one, hopefully will have it done by tomorrow!

Other than reading I’ve been basically gaming and watching twich non-stop for the last few weeks hahahaha #nerdlyf. Every now and then this video somehow makes it’s way back to me on YouTube and it kills me every time.

I need some recommendations for books/audiobooks to take to the US with me!! The last time I was on a long flight I could barely read because I was so excited, then on the return flight I couldn’t read because I was so tired 😦 But I really want to read on the flight!  Hit me up with some of your most exciting books to keep my brain alive during my flight!

The beautiful header image of this post and most of the stock photos around my blog can be found on Unsplash. You can check out more from this artist by clicking their name below 🙂

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