CROSSROADS | February – March 2018

I read a single book in the month of February.

And while I do feel a little bad about not reading, I’m also infinitely glad to have not had the time to do so because I was having the time of my life in San Francisco.

Honestly, it did take me a little while to fall in love with the city. I went in thinking that San Francisco, and America in general would be mostly similar to Sydney – but I was obviously wrong. The people and the culture took me a while to wrap my head around, but eventually I did meet people who I would love to keep as friends forever, and the city in general has a magnetic charm to it that I can’t describe. I love you, San Francisco. I will see you again very soon.


I’m definitely feeling the struggle of having to get back into rhythm, and unfortunately my reading patterns have also suffered.  However, I’m very keen to get back into it and I’ve set myself a bunch of reading goals to hopefully get myself back into the swing of things!

Wrap up

Stay With Me Ayobami AdebayoStay With Me | Ayobami Adebayo

The one book I did get to in February was Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo which I listened to via audiobook via Audible. My reading of this was pretty fragmented, having to sneak in 10 minute bites to and from the office, which was a shame because I was pretty hooked!

The story follows a young Nigerian couple who have decided to go against the grain and have a polygamous marriage. When they find themselves unable to have a child, their parents get involved and the husband comes home one day with another wife.

I found this one pretty interesting. It tackled a lot of really heavy topics, like the role of a woman in a marriage and the level of intervention your parents can have in your life. I think that the audiobook was a fantastic experience with accents and pronunciations on point. Am hoping to have a full review up on this one soon.

Currently Reading

The Fifth Season - N K JemisinThe Fifth Season | N K Jemisin

I was finally making some progress with this book before I had to fly out and now I’m really struggling to bring back that momentum. I read a solid chunk of it during my two and a half hour wait in the line at US customs, and have tried numerous times to pick it up since then… but that was more than a month ago now! I’m pretty upset that my experience of this book is being impacted by the circumstances, but I’m motivated to finish it! I’ve heard so many great things about this entire series and would love to get up on that hype train!


Gemina - Amie Kaufman Jay KristoffGemina | Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

If you’ve seen the paperbacks of Illuminae and Gemina in person, you’d know that these books are massive. I got about three quarters of the way in before I had to fly out and I would have loved to take it with me if it weren’t so huge. Gemina is just as action packed as Illuminae and I’m so excited to continue on reading! I’m definitely looking to finish this one within the week because I managed to secure myself a spot at the Obsidio release party in Sydney next week! So excited!! So sad this series is coming to and end but I just neeeeeed to know what happens!


Everything I never Told you - Celeste NgEverything I Never Told you | Celeste Ng

I am so grateful for this book! I’ve been in Sydney for two weeks today and have really struggled to read anything. I tried to pick myself back up by going to the book store and I grabbed this one and it’s fantastic so far! I’m about half way through at the moment, and pretty hooked. I’ve been saying for ages that I’ve been meaning to read Celeste Ng’s other novel, Little Fires Everywhere, and if it’s anything like Everything I Never Told You then I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. Hoping to speed through the remainder of this one in the coming week 🙂


The Sales Bible - Jeffrey GitomerThe Sales Bible | Jeffrey Gitomer

I know this one is a little different, but I’ve been thinking about including reviews on some of the business books I’ve been reading on the site as well. I’m currently listening to this one on audiobook and I’m finding the content useful – but the tone and delivery very sales-y. While you might be thinking, duh, it’s a sales book, one of Gitomer’s own rules isn’t to give the hard sell. He also drops a number of action items at the end of each chapter for you to go visit his website and view his other products which is frankly pretty annoying. Otherwise, the content is good. Not ground breaking stuff but a solid foundation on general sales mentality.

2018-01-28 09.01.44 2.jpgAs for my TBR, I’m not really sure! I feel like I’ve been out of the loop for so long that I don’t really know what to pick up next. Do feel free to message me with some suggestions 🙂 Wishing you all a wonderful and fruitful March ❤

xo Patty

P.S. I miss San Francisco.

P.P.S. I didn’t like In-n-Out – sorry, not sorry.

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