CROSSROADS | December 2018

Aaaaand I’m back. I hope that all of you are enjoying your holiday season with friends and loved ones 🙂 I’m using the break to finally find balance in my life, after a year of change after change. The very first thing on my list to do is to read more!

A Ladder To the Sky | John Boyne

After absolutely falling in love with The Heart’s Invisible Furies, I thought – what better way to kick me out of a reading slump than John Boyne’s latest release – A Ladder to The Sky.

I switched between audiobook and physical book for this one and boy, oh boy… this one’s another gem. Boyne really knows how to rip your heart out, cover it in poop and set it on fire.

I definitely took a leap of faith with this one – I knew nothing about the book or it’s plot before picking it up (when has Boyne ever let me down?). I had started listening to this one during my morning walks, unintentionally making sad or frustrated faces at passers by and man… this one is heavier, and nearly just as good than the last.

Full review to come.

This list might seem a little ambitious, but honestly I’ve been ‘reading’ these books for over a month. I played around with a few pomodoro reading sprints last night which seemed to work! Hopefully enough to get me out of this darned slump!!

Words of Radiance – Part One | Brandon Sanderson

I know. I’ve been reading this all year, but I promise I’m now less than 100 pages away from completion! It’s not that this is a bad book in the slightest, but with my reading habits changing so dramatically this year, it’s been hard to get into a novel that’s so deep. This isn’t the kind of book where you can read a chapter and walk away. It demands all of your attention and then some – but it’s worth it, trust me.

Heroes: Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures | Stephen Fry

I don’t often pre-order audiobooks on Audible, but when I saw this come up on my feed, I squealed and nearly smashed a hole through my phone!!! Heroes is the next instalment in Fry’s Myths series and so far is just as funny, sassy and extra as Mythos. While it would be fine to read it in physical format, I can’t recommend the audiobooks for this series enough. Fry has a voice made for audiobook narration!

And yes. My boy Hercules is in this one.

Renegades | Marissa Meyer

I’ve been under the world’s biggest rock and didn’t even realise that Marissa Meyer started a new series that’s already two books in!!! For those of you who don’t know, her series The Lunar Chronicles is what first got me into reading all those years ago and I’ve been craving for more ever since! The opening chapter is very, very strong and I have a feeling that I’m really going to love this one.

The Diviners | Libba Bray

I’ve just started to listen to this one on audiobook after seeing so many positive reviews on the more recent books in this series and WOW I’m addicted! Just over half way in and it’s been the bee’s knees – the narrator is absolutely darling! Looking to have this done before the year is over!

Drop me a comment below to let me know what you’re reading these holidays? Are you sticking to themes like Christmas or holidays? Or are you playing it safe like me 😛 I’ve really loved having my time back to read and hopefully this kick sticks with me throughout 2019!

Until next time,
xoxo Pattycakes

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