BUJO | PWM January 2019

I’ll be trying something new on the blog today! Welcome to my first ever plan with me 😀

I’ve been using a planner since high school, and bujo-ing for the last 2 and a half years. Initially, I started out by needing something to sort my time out with whilst juggling two jobs AND university and years later it has still managed to stick with me. Now, in a job where I’m juggling calls, meetings, proposals and travels – I’ve found that I’m in a place where I can’t live without my bujo. I used to try using Google Calendar instead, which is nice because it updates automatically with all my meetings from Outlook, but… well… it looked like this:

I needed something to help me remember everything. Writing things down has helped me remember things better, which in turn, has helped me become more prepared! Because it’s such a big part of my life, I try to think about what I need out of my bujo, then organise my layouts by my requirements. Generally, I’ll try to have the following:

  • A month spread: events that generally span over multiple days will be coloured this way. This is how I also intend on planning blog posts for the month.
  • A weekly spread: this generally needs enough space to put down all my meetings, alongside tasks related to those meetings. If I can fit it, I’ll also have a small space to jot down notes I’ll need to discuss in meetings, or providing framework for any proposals I have coming up.

On top of that, I need to make sure that it’s pretty enough for me to want to continue using it, but professional enough that I can bust it out during meetings if I need to take down notes or action points. Below is how I laid out last month:

December 2018 Bujo Spread

I really liked the way I did my weekly last month! Meetings and events for the day in the left hand column and tasks for the day on the right hand column. I liked that the layout seems pretty spacey, and I had more than enough room to jot down notes. If I had more time last month, I would’ve loved to make the layout slightly more aesthetic – so for January, I’ve tried to put in (a little) more effort!

January 2019 Bujo Spread

My monthly spread is the exact same as last month… actually I think I’ve been using the same monthly for a few years now! I really like how minimal but effective it has been for me, so I’m not looking to change things up just yet.

I wanted to have something visual represent how I was using my time, so this month I’ve gone for a time planner on the upper half of the page, with my to do list and meeting notes down the bottom. I think that I would’ve benefitted more from this kind of spread last month because it was SO busy. While we’re still ramping up for this month, I think this spread wasn’t the most effective – there’s a lot of wasted space (note it’s only the second week back to work, so this might change up in the latter half of the month). I was hoping to have different colours to represent events for work, personal events and events with friends and family. This was so that I could see whether or not I was grinding myself into the ground with work, or if I was spending too much time chilling out. Again, because this month wasn’t so busy, I feel like it didn’t really work out how I had intended.

What I’m really proud of is the tracker page! My personal goals for this year are to clean up my diet and read more books (obviously) so I decided to have a one page summary to help me stay in check. I love the way I’ve done the reading log too – and I think that this month will be the only month where I don’t have enough space to fit all the books I’ve gone though! I’ll be carrying this spread onto next month I think.

February will be an interesting month since I have a bunch of travel planned! I’ve already worked out the weekly spread, but I want to have a bit more space for planning my trip to LA (and potentially a trip to Singapore), on top of having more room for notes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed me trying something a little bit new this time! Feel free to leave me comments or suggestions on what I can do better, or throw me your favourite bujo layouts!

Most lovingly,
xo Pattycakes

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