BUJO | PWM February 2019

This post is going up VERY LATE! I’m sorry!

I’ve been incredibly bogged down with a lot of work and travel and getting a new puppy and aghhhh! But hello, I’m here!

I drew up February whilst it was still the Christmas holidays, which is why it looks so nice! I wouldn’t usually put as many drawings in because I’m definitely NOT an artist – but I think it’s really worked out! I LOVE floral themes so I’ve attempted to doodle a few leaves and branches here and there with tiny green speckled details

February’s Monthly spread has stayed mostly the same with the addition of having my blog planner (which I obviously haven’t stuck to) down the bottom. For those of you wondering, YES I have changed it up for next month! You’ll have to wait and see 😉

I’ve changed up this February’s weekly since I found that I didn’t really like the way I did January. I really needed more space to put daily (and not weekly) tasks and priorities. While for January I did like having a ‘time planner’, I found that this wasted way too much space so for this month I’ll only be writing down key events for each day in the left of the box, and tasks and priorities on the right hand of the box.

The trackers and notes section has stayed the same for February. Aside from the fact that I didn’t have enough room to write down all the books I read last month, I think that this spread is super functional and super cute and I’ll just change it around as needed!

February is also a special month because I’ve got a travel tracker in here too! While I write this, I’m actually on a plane from Sydney to Los Angeles and I’ll be spending nearly two weeks there for a work conference and my global team gathering. Usually these conferences are pretty hectic with a lot of different panels that I’ll need to attend, so I’ve included a time planner for these two weeks to help me remember where I need to be and when.

I’m trying to think of ways I can track long term projects in my BuJo. I’ve even played with the idea of having a separate BuJo for work and for home (except the one for home might be empty and the one for work too full hehehe). If anyone has ideas on how I can better manage/track projects in a BuJo I’d love to take any suggestions! Wishing you all a fab Feb ❤

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